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Основная информация
Официальное название: Союз Советских Социалистических Планет
Расположение: северо-западная часть человеческого космоса
Столица: Сигни Прайм
Демографическая информация
Этнохороним: коммунист, русский
Языки: нео-русский, солнечный общий, галактический общий
Численность населения: около 23 млрд
Форма правления: советская демократия с плановой экономикой
Глава правительства: Фёдор Николаевич Веденин (Стуков)
Секретарь ЦК КПСС: Фёдор Николаевич Веденин (Стуков)
Валюта: Кредиты

“I'm a patriot first, communist second. Nothing will change that.” - Stukov Vedenin, first official Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSP and veteran of the Cygni Rebellion.

The Union of Soviet Socialist Planets (also known as the USSP or the Union, rarely New Russia), is a large socialist state comprised of several member planets and the second largest government in the galaxy after the Trans-Solar Federation (SolGov).

Originally formed during the Cygni Rebellion, the USSP won a pyrrhic victory against SolGov’s powerful naval forces, and was allowed to be left alone in relative peace. The USSP did not waste time however, in the 200 years of its independence it became an industrial powerhouse of the galaxy with the power rivaling the one of the Federation.


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The concept of the Union was born around the year 23** by several like-minded independence groups in the border territories of the Trans-Solar Federation, around the historically poverty-stricken system of Cygni. It never moved beyond the concept stage, as many unorganised uprising in the holdings of the Federation were decisively crushed.

A new governor was assigned to lead the planet of Cygni Prime, Malfoy Ames. He was a citizen of Cygni Prime, and was considered a patriot and opportunist. Ames shared the desires of the people he was chosen to lead, and he promised them that he would do everything in his newfound power to improve their living conditions. However, Ames was also well-connected to the several independent groups of the sector. Several other colonies and their governors in the proximity of Cygni had similar goals and motives, yet none had the charisma that Ames seemed to have. He started illegally funding and arming several local independence and rebel groups through embezzled federal funds. By holding patriotic speeches condemning how SolGov treats its colonies, he earned himself a positive local reputation and was idolised by the people that he lead.

Discoveries of plasma reserves around the galaxy, and aggressive financial pressure by the Nanotrasen corporation, lead the Federation to sign the controversial plasma mining law; the uncreatively named "Rare Minerals Extraction Expansion" law. This law permitted United Trans-Solar (UTS), the Federation's mining conglomerate, to indiscriminately and invasively survey colonial planets. The threat of eviction to large amounts of the Cygni population by UTS to enable their search for plasma reserves provoked whole sectors to object to this law. However, none had the power to do anything about it.

Several protests broke out on planets and in systems surrounding Cygni, and UTS holdings, offices, and mines were ransacked. Multiple reports of contracted mercenaries and marines shooting protestors were made, Ames and the other colonies decided they could not pass this opportunity up, regardless of the actual accuracy of the reports. The largest and most robust rebel group on Cygni Prime, the "Cygni People's Liberation Front", decided to use these reports as a pretext to an attack and occupation of Naval Station Oahu, the largest military installation present on Cygni, resulting in 5,310 federal casualties.

The Oahu Massacre, as it was later named, was quickly followed by a declaration of war and independence by the Cygni system governor, Malfoy Ames, who proclaimed the founding of the Independent Planet of Cygni. Merely hours later, other planets in the proximity of the Cygni system did likewise. Together, they proclaimed the founding of the Union of Soviet Socialist Planets at 0900 hours, May 24th, 23**.

The declaration prompted the largest mobilization of the TSF military since World War III. A quick-response armada of 105 vessels commanded by Vice Admiral Victor M. Thompson arrived in the Cygni system, expecting minimal resistance. However, it was met by an estimated 300 or so converted civilian ships, asteroid miners, starliners, freighters, and corvettes with the TSF flag covered by red paint. The resulting battle was intense and lasted roughly 10 hours. After the fighting ended, a mere 20 Federation vessels remained functional, and all of the Union vessels had either fled or were destroyed.

A planetary assault was attempted by the TSF, yet their marines were severely outnumbered by the rebel forces. Out of the five thousand deployed marines, 500 were captured and the rest either deserted or were killed. This was the first and the largest of Federation planetary landings. Several other minor subsequent landings were attempted by the Federation forces, yet none of them were a success.

The Federation, under pressure from many protests against the war in their home systems, did not want to send more marines to die in the meatgrinder that was the Cygni sector. They decided to sue for a ceasefire, which subsequently turned into a peace treaty. The Trans-Solar Federation would recognise the independence of the Union of Soviet Socialist Planets under the condition that all captured Federation marines, living or dead, were safely returned to the Federation. The war officially ended on January 10th, 23**, four years after the start of the Rebellion. It was however a pyrrhic victory for the Union, as many planets under its flag had their infrastructure damaged beyond repair, and casualties were estimated to be anywhere from hundreds of thousands to several million. Yet despite these losses, a new player had entered the galactic stage. A battered and war-torn nation, a nation which ultimately became one of the biggest powers in the galaxy, the Union of Soviet Socialist Planets.

Malfoy Ames, the once governor of Cygni Prime, did not last long in this new role. He was declared unfit to rule the Union after being found guilty of embezzling funds from the Union's treasury. He was declared a traitor to the Union and was deposed, his ultimate fate is unknown to this day. Stukov Vedenin, a plasma freighter captain during the rebellion, was democratically elected with 100% of votes to replace Ames. He was considered by many in the Union to be a worthy leader, a popular politician, and an educated architect and economist. His contributions to the Union would result in it becoming the superpower it is today.

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Government and Economy

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The primary governmental structure of the USSP is loosely based upon the blueprint laid down by the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The Union of Soviet Socialist Planets Project is as a soviet democracy with a planned economy. The Constitution of the Union sets the framework for the government of the nation. The primary governmental agency within the USSP is the Supreme Soviet, comprised of the Soviet of the Union, elected on the basis of population with one delegate for every 300,000 people in the USSP, and the Soviet of Nationalities, which has 32 delegates per installation, planet, or colony. The effective ruler of the USSP is known as the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSP. The current Chairman is the great-grandson of the first Chairman of the USSP, Stukov Vedenin, Fyodor Nikolai Vedenin.

Each member planet of the Union maintains a certain degree of autonomy depending on factors such as population, industry present, proximity to the capital

Foreign Relations

After achieving independence from the Trans-Solar Federation, the Union’s foreign policy was designed with a view to establishing relations and integrating independent colonies into the union. The USSP’s greatest move was establishing diplomatic relations with as many governmental entities and corporations as early as they could, resulting in many of them starting the relations with the then still young nation on positive terms.

Otherwise the Union is considered by and large to be a politically neutral entity by most planetary governments and corporations despite their current state of cold war with the Trans-Solar Federation, and their ongoing ongoing military actions against what they term "space fascists", the Elysium Republic, training their Naval Infantry on these raids.

Trans-Solar Federation, still the greatest enemy to the Union. They maintain a tense cold war after the Cygni War... however small-scale border conflicts still happen despite the signed peace treaty.

Nanotrasen, maintains cordial relations with the Union, commonly accepting contracted workers from the USSP to work on their facilities in exchange for funding of the USSP Navy.

the Syndicate, neither a friend or foe to the Union, they maintain neutral relations, the Union allows the Syndicate to dock the ships of their affiliated corporations in the Union's space, while the USSP maintains a non-agression pact with the entire conglomerate. There are however rumors of the Syndicate contracting the USSP for illegal weapon and equipment and likewise from the USSP...the rumors are however „Completely unfounded in reality” as said by the Minister of Industry Alexander Sidorov.

Elysium Republic, the ideological rival to the Union, they condemn the severe xenophobia and isolation, advocating for wiping the ‘fascist state’ off the galactic map. The Union sponsored several uprisings in the territories of the Republic, and alliegance to the Republic is punished severely, yet "re-educated" citizens of the Republic are allowed residence in the Union, and after further evaluation allowed to pursue citizenship.

Prospero Order, while most other corporate and governmental entities hand wave the existance of the Order, the Union proclaimed the Order a terrorist organisation due to them enslaving citizens of the USSP. Alliegance or any connections to the Prospero Order are punishable by death, forced labor or, due to the high number of trained mercenaries working for the Order, getting sent to a penal battalions. Some of these prisoners after being proclaimed that they've been "re-educated" are allowed residence in the Union, some even pursue citizenship.

The Alchemist's Council, perhaps the greatest friend to the Union, certainly the earliest nation to establish diplomatic relations with them. Due to similar history of both nations, they keep friendly relations and several trade pacts. All citizens of both nations are allowed to visit the planets of each other visa-free and as such the Tajara are the biggest minority species in the USSP and likewise for the Humans on Ahdomai.

The Vulpkanin Assembly was viewed in a similar light to the tajara; a state-less species, no place they could call their own home. The refugees of the Vulp displacement were accepted with open arms in the Union. The Assembly however, a weak federation, maintains minimal relations with the Union, mostly focusing on their own matters.

The relations of the Union with the Skrellian Central Authority are very minimal, yet also very tense, the Human-Skrellian alliance only refers to the relations between the SCA and the TSF. While their relations are not great, many Skrell live on the planets of the Union.

The Shoal got explicit permission for their vessels to travel within the territories of the Union with one condition, any and all hostile raider action against any vessel flying the USSP banner will be instantly shot down and the Vox survivors of the ship detained and/or executed for treason... under these conditions however the Shoal rarely sends ships through the USSP space, and if they do they are usually accompanied with a USSP Navy escort vessels.

The Union does not keep any major diplomatic relations with any other government or corporation.


A typical USSP soldier

The Union maintains its own military forces under the overwatch of the Ministry of Internal Security (MIS). The MIS is also responsible for counterespionage, and border security in Union’s territory. Accusations of abuse by MIS Officers are common place and usually not unfounded in reality, the tensions are at an all-time high due to the current cold war with the Trans-Solar Federation, yet the Federation is no longer the greatest concern of the Union, now replaced by pirates, smugglers, "counterrevolutionaries" from the Elysium Republic and the Prospero Order. And thus radio frequencies are monitored, inter-system lanes are guarded by the Navy, and civilian or third party ships that fly too close to Union’s military installations are either instantly shot down or their pilots detained and questioned... sometimes never released.

The Union’s Defense Forces is comprised of the USSP Navy and the USSP Army. The army usually handles security and garrisons on planets and moons, while the Fleet, along with its Naval Infantry, holds responsibility for operations in space, boarding actions, space station security, etc.

The USSP Navy, the pride of the Union, is by far the largest and most up-to-date military branch. They utilize a marginal amount of capital ships, carriers and cruisers, that are usually escorted with corvette/destroyer sized vessels and troop transport ships. Yet recently the USSP has bought two decomissioned and damaged Nanotrasen Navy battleships allowing them to supplement their capital ship forces after some maintenance work. The Navy also assigns small task forces of two or so ships to patrol the outer reaches of the borders of the Union or to escort civilian exploration ships that venture past the borders. The closest of these to Nanotrasen's holdings, is a single civilian exploration vessel, the USSP-CV Fakel, escorted by a lightly armed troop transporer, the USPP-NV Fonarik.

The USSP Naval Infantry is the sub-force of the USSP Navy and usually the main fighting force of the USSP, specialising in ship harrasment, boarding actions and sometimes even planetary assaults. The Naval Infantry is equipped to rival the Trans-Solar Federation Marine forces, having fought with them several times before with moderate success. Their hit-and-run, asymmetrical style of warfare and rigid training makes the veterans of the Naval Infantry desirable by numerous organizations.

The USSP Army is smaller, mainly garrison force, and due to the everpresent threat of pirate, Elysian or Order attacks, maintains their troop numbers rather high. It is required of all citizens aged between 18 and 25, or the equivalent age of their species, to be drafted for three years of service in their local Army Garrison. The Army is a force comprised of military personnel from across the union planets serving alongside the main Union forces. Occasionally, certain units are tasked to assist member planets in managing crime or unrest, yet this practice is becoming rarer and rarer due to most union planets already having developed their own police forces.

The Union has a large and entirely native arms industry, producing the entirety of the equipment needed to equip its military, very rarely purchasing specialised equipment from third parties. They are also the galaxy's top supplier of armaments, producing weaponry for several organisations including but not limited to Warp-Tac Inc, Einstein Engines Inc, Scarborough Arms and sometimes even the Syndicate itself... through as said by the Minister of Industry Alexander Sidorov before, these are just rumors of course.


The official languages of the Union are Neo-Russkiya, Sol Common and Galactic Common, with the last two being less commonly accepted. According to the 2552 census, 58.3% of the human population speaks Neo-Russkiya, 32,7% speak Galactic Common and only 9% speak Sol Common as their first language in daily use.

With Siik'tajr being the largest minority language, followed by Canilunzt. Percentages of their usage were not accounted by the 2552 census.

The population species census is as follows:

Species Percentage
Human 77.3 %
Tajaran 13.5 %
Vulpkanin 5.1 %
Unathi 2.3 %
IPC 0.9 %
Skrell 0.6 %
Other 0.3 %

Notable Planets/Stations

Cygni Prime, Capital Planet - Cygni Prime a large tundra planet and the birthplace of the Union and the main hub of all the affairs of the state, several large mega cities can be found here housing over 20 billion citizens. While factories are present on Cygni Prime, it is not the Union's main industrial planet. Many historical sites pertaining to the Cygni Rebellion are present here and thus a healthy number of about 2 billion tourists come to Cygni Prime every year.

Planeta Stukova, Industry World - A planet renamed after the first chairman of the Union, Stukov Vedenin. A dry, desert planet with the largest industrial base of the Union, a large departure from Cygni Prime when it comes to enviroment. One of the first planets that joined the Union right after the proclamation of its founding. Modern day's Stukov Prime is however a shining beacon of industry, with most of its old factories demolished and replaced with factories that fit the modern standard. Sadly it is also one of the most polluted planets in the Union's territory due to the heavy industrialisation. Most of the Union's Tajara population live and work on this planet.

Kommunisticheskaya Stantsiya 1, Space Station - also known as the KC1 is the largest out of the 14 space stations owned and operated by the Union. While it started as Naval Infantry outpost it was converted into a trading station and it is currently the hub of all trade in the territories of the USSP while still retaining it original purpose of being a military outpost.

Herars, Union Planet, an interesting case, a small planet originally colonised by the Vulpkanin during their Exodus then incorporated into the Union with a high degree of autonomy. Herars is the entertainment capital of the Union, with many casinos, zoos, and many other present on the planet. Naturally the majority of the Vulpkanin population live on this planet.