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An example Runechat speech.

What is Runechat?

Runechat means the text you see over characters when they talk.

How do I turn it on/off?

Use the "enable/disable runechat" option under your "preferences" tab in-game.

Why don't I see it even though I have it on?

There are some situations in which you won't see runechat text. Examples:

  • If you are a ghost, or otherwise dead.
  • If the speaker is using a radio channel and you are not in range of hearing the headset whisper.
  • If they are whispering and you can't hear them clearly.
  • If they are out of your normal vision range.
  • If they are speaking in a language you don't know.
  • If they were invisible to you (Out of sight or round a corner) when they said their message, you will not see it above their head even if they walk inside your vision range

What determines my text color for runechat?

  • Typically, your hair color.
  • For races without hair, blood color.
  • For races without variations of hair OR blood color, its determined by eye color.

Further Information

Original Runechat PR 14141