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Gateway - Sealed Factory UO71

UO71 - Заброшенная станция NT. Однажды ученые обнаружили яйцо Принц Ужаса и решили его исследовать. Позднее на станцию напали другие пауки.


У входа на станцию

This facility is sealed shut by order of Commander Marquez. Do not enter.
Terror spiders live here. We believe they are a weapon developed by the syndicate.
Any surviving personnel are to evacuate immediately via the gateway.
Any arriving response team is advised to use the ID Upgrade Machine to obtain local access.

Research Lab

Initial Report - Black Widow Venom

Even a single bite kills within a few minutes. Immediate charcoal is necessary for the victim to survive.
The fascinating thing is that multiple bites actually cause rapid symptom onset. The victim quickly loses the ability to walk.
One test monkey went from perfect health to death in under 60 seconds - from 3 bites.
I am so very glad I'm not responsible for keeping these things contained.

Containment 2

Findings Overview

Gray Spiders
Stealthy predators that ambush prey from vents. Otherwise weak.

Red Spiders
Can kill anyone in melee, but slow.

Will lay eggs on dead bodies, breeding more spiders.

Even a single bite is enough to kill a humanoid, given time.

Injects a parasitic agent. Deemed to pose too great an infection risk to study.

Seen guarding key areas and important spiders. Appear to be territorial, and very dangerous.

Held in containment. Appears to be a sort of super-warrior. Fast, strong, and thickly armored.

Unable to contain. Present south of Cargo before contact was lost. Presumed ruler of the local hive.

Dorm 7

RANK: Miner
FOR: Charcoal
REASON FOR TREATMENT: Toxins in bloodstream
CAUSE: Bitten by a black terror spider.
TREATMENT PLAN: Take hourly. See Dr. Phloxi if symptoms persist more than three hours.


Status Report on the 'Terrors'
All the spiders are deadly. We know this much already. Within an hour of their appearance, they have killed several staff.
Two, however, bear particular mention, as they appear to be leading the spider hivemind.

The Prince is held in containment. He appears very aggressive, incredibly fast, strong, and durable. Extreme force and agility would be required to neutralize him.
It is likely the appearance of the prince was related to our initial aggression against the Queen. These things can THINK.

The Queen cannot be contained. She lives in the old bar, south of mining. She continues to breed dangerous spiders at an alarming rate.
Many of her offspring are already roaming the compound, traveling through the vents. Contact with the team sent to subdue her has been lost.

Based on the situation, Commander, I advise immediate evacuation through the gateway.
-Research Director Simons

Executive Dorm 1

The Last Words of Nurse Barnes

It is too much. First Phil, then those damn spiders bite Mary too. Heaven help us.
I'll be evacuating as soon as I've grabbed my supplies. I had to pay for those myself. Stupid budget cuts.
The new world they've found for us isn't that hospitable, but at least there are no deadly spid---
(the writing trails off, as if the writer was interrupted)

Directives for Officer James

1. Find a way to lift the bridge lockdown.
2. Kill any spiders you encounter.
3. Once on the bridge, open a path to the Queen in the south, and find a way to kill her, ending the infestation.
Good luck, Officer.

Strange Airlock

FROM: Field Agent 0738
TO: Syndicate #873589
SUBJECT: Mission Success

I have seeded the Terror Queen egg in a dingy looking bar that bored engineers constructed near the mining tunnels.
No doubt she will grow soon.

I have also placed the Prince egg nearby, injected with sedative. Hopefully the dimwitted NT scientists bring them back for study.
With any luck, the Queen will sense them telepathically, think NT is holding her prince hostage, and attack.

I am going to extract out of the gateway before this all goes down.
I don't imagine the staff have very long to live once the Queen declares war on this place.


Наименование меха Металл Стекло Серебро Титан Алмаз Уран Плазма Бананиум Транквилит
Ripley/Firefighter APLU 100,000 7,500
Odysseus 65,000 10,000
Clarke 100,000 7,500 10,000 10,000
Gygax 125,000 15,000 10,000 20,000
Durand 140,000 25,000 28,000 20,000 25,000
Phazon 175,000 15,000 20,000 90,000
HONK MECH 120,000 15,000 35,000
Reticence 120,000 15,000 35,000