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Глава: Not defined
Сложность: Not defined
Руководства: Not defined
Доступ: Not defined
Обязанности: Not defined

This template is intended to be at the top of each of the jobs pages to provide a basic overview of each job.

Meaning of parameters

colour is the background color of the header. This will also set the image background colour automatically.
hcolour is the font colour for the header. It accepts plaintext colours only. stafftype is the word that is added before STAFF. So adding the word MAINTENANCE here yields MAINTENANCE STAFF. Intended to be in caps.
img Sets the file without the need for the [[File:]] command. The extension and size modifier must still be specified.
jobtitle, access, difficulty, guides and duties are self-explanatory.


Example of the finished product. Check the source code for the code that generated the thing below. Please document any changes you make to the template code in the parameters and usage sections

Generic captain.png
Глава: Space Law and Nanotrasen Officials
Сложность: Very hard
Руководства: No separate guides
Доступ: All
Обязанности: Command the ship, protect the nuke disk, stop revolutions, get killed for all mentioned before.