Alien Artifacts

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Эта статья содержит непереведенную информацию.

Эта статья содержит сведения об устаревшем контенте.

В этой статье содержатся сведения от контенте, выпиленном из Space Station 13 (или, по крайней мере, на этом сервере). Данная страница сохранена в целях архивирования.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Alien Artifacts. Also known as: Weird stuff you find in a rock that does weird stuff. At least it was until each rocky debris was finally smashed by careless Shaft Miners, the role of Alien Artifacts has been taken up by Strange Objects whether or not that's an improvement is up to debate. Either way, there's unsupported references and machinery still in the game allowing the continued existence of this page.

Basic Explanation

An Alien Artifact is something that a scientist digs up from the Asteroid. Finding the Artifact is quite annoying because you have to go out to the asteroid, equip a lot of tools, and back track because the Alden Saraspova Counter guesses the location instead of an exact position. Now Alien Artifacts have 2 parts to them: The trigger and the effects. First, is the trigger: this means to activate an Artifacts hidden power it requires certain conditions or Triggers These can range from simply being in an environment with Oxygen or touching the Artifact; others may require plasma, fire, or other factors. Second is the Effect. An effect is what the Artifact generates. These can be a surplus of Oxygen, Heat, or Healing powers. They can also generate Heat, Plasma, and Damage to the People around the Artifact.


Here is a list of all known Triggers for Artifacts to activate. Beware, once Activated there is no deactivating an Artifact. Well other than throwing it to Lord Singuloth.

Touch: Touching the Artifact with an ungloved Hand. Thus showing the truth in the Expression: "No glove, no love... with Mysterious Alien Artifacts that may kill you."

Water: Splash some water on it and watch in Amazement as it does, whatever it does. Be it from a beaker, cup, or whatever.

Acid: Albeit it is unknown which Acid is known for this trigger most scientists guess that it is sulfuric acid from a Chem Dispenser.

Volatile: Even less is known about this Trigger, some guess explosions, others think a crowbar might work.

Toxin: Again most Scientists think this refers to sleep toxin. You can get this from a Chem Dispenser if you use a multitool to unlock the Mad-scientist mode.

Force: Hit it.

Energy: An as of yet unknown source of energy. Possibly electricity, so try a Stunbaton on it.

Heat: Burn baby burn! If it's warm enough that will trigger it. So throw it in to the incinerator.

Cold: Alternatively Try Freezing a room with the Artifact in it. Although the cold of Space may already Trigger it.

Plasma: Put it in a room with Plasma in the air. Concentration level is unknown.

Oxygen: Put it in a room with Oxygen in the air. Concentration level is unknown.

Carbon Dioxide: Put it in a room with CO2 in the air. Concentration level is unknown.

Nitrogen:Put it in a room with Nitrogen in the air. Concentration level is unknown. Whether this is regular happy N1 Nitrogen or Sleepy time N2 Nitrogen is unknown.

MAX: Scientists are baffled by this Trigger whether this means you need all previous Triggers or an as of yet unknown source has yet to be determined.


When you finally trigger an Alien Artifact then you receive at least one, maybe two effects from the Artifact. If you are lucky it won't kill you immediately.

EMP: The Artifact releases an Electromagnetic Pulse. Bad for Borgs, Drones, IPCs, and anyone with a mechanical Prosthesis (Which includes Hearts).

Cold: Makes the room colder.

Bad Feeling: Gives you a bad feeling.

Cell Charge: Charges all Battery cells within range, perhaps even those for Drones and Borgs.

Cell Drain: Drains all Battery cells within range, perhaps even those for Drones and Borgs.

DNA Switch: Changes your DNA. This includes changing both UI and SE. Very interesting. Also causes radiation/toxin damage too.

CO2: Releases CO2 Gas in to the air.

Nitrogen: Releases Nitrogen Gas in to the air.

Oxygen: Releases Oxygen in to the air.

Plasma Gas: Releases Plasma Gas in to the air.

Good Feelings: Gives you good Feelings.

Heal: Heals People.

Hurt: Hurts People.

Radiation: Emits Radiation.

Robot Heal: Heals Robots: Borgs, Drones, Robotic Limbs perhaps too.

Robot Hurt: Hurts Robots: Borgs, Drones, Robotic Limbs perhaps too.

Sleepy: Makes everyone Sleepy. May also release N2 sleepy time gas.

Stun: Temporarily Stuns people.

Teleport: Randomly Teleports people and objects around the Artifact.

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