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About the Supply Department
The Supply Department is a department made up of both the most dangerous and easy to play roles on (or off) station. Cargo Technicians and Miners report directly to the Quartermaster even though the department head is technically the Head of Personnel. The supply roles in cargo are often the best environment for players to learn game mechanics while also interacting with fellow crew members however the equally important Miner role is more oriented for players who are looking for a challenge and are well acquainted with the game. Supply roles tend to have some minor responsibilities and expectation but with the tradeoff of having access to fun items either through the supply console or mining vendors.
Supply Roles
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Head of Personnel
The Head of Personnel is in charge of assigning and reassigning crew members correctly and making sure station departments are well-staffed and running optimally (and stay that way). He is in charge of the Service Department, Supply Department, and General Department.
The Quartermaster is in charge of making sure the Supply Department runs smoothly. While not technically the head of staff of the department or a command member, the authority over the departments is almost always relegated to the Quartermaster by the HoP. Relatively easy role, it is a good introduction to command and leadership.
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Cargo Technician
Cargo Techs are responsible for loading and unloading of crates, making things in the Autolathe and delivering ordered crates around the station via the various methods available. Generally a very easy role and allows for playing around with many game mechanics.
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Shaft Miner
The hardest role in the Supply Department. Miners are responsible for supplying the station with rare materials mined from Lavaland. There's many PVE elements involved and for newer players its generally a fast track to being killed. However, with some experience, allows players to gain access to powerful weaponry and armor as well as mechs from Robotics.
Supply Guides
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Supply Locations
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